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Most Common Attic Home Inspection Problems Found in League City, TX; Chimney Damage & More

Whether you’re in the market for a home, wish to sell your home, or you want to make sure your home isn’t in need of unseen repairs, one will often call out a home inspector. Homeowners or buyers are most often conscientious about what they see. However, often what they don’t see is neglected or forgotten. This is true when it comes to crawl spaces and attics. JMark Inspections will share some of the most common attic problems that only get noticed during a professional home inspection.

Common Home Inspection Attic Problems

1. Rafter or Supporting Truss Damage in Attic: When a home’s roof is inspected, occasionally the attic isn’t always thoroughly inspected. However, during a home inspection, the inspector will often find that the attic’s rafters or supporting trusses are damaged. Trusses and rafters are sometimes found broken, infested with termites or carpenter ants or decaying from water exposure. The attic trusses and rafters are the support for the roof and it’s weight. During a home inspection it can reveal the condition of your roof structure.
2. Charred Rafters & Fire Damaged Roof Trusses: It comes as a surprise to some homeowners to learn that there was a previous fire in the home and often the scars of the fire are found in the attic. Black scorched marks are often found inside the attic along the rafters, trusses and wooden sheeting. As long as the internal structure isn’t compromised, most builders will leave old fire damage behind without replacement. Heat from a fire can cause the wood to dry and over time, it weakens the wood.
3. Poor Attic Insulation: Even in new home, poor attic insulation can be discovered during a home inspection. When a home attic insulation isn’t adequate, this affects the entire home. The home will not maintain its interior temperature, it will lose heat and cool air. This will cause your home’s HVAC system to work constantly which results in a high power bill and poor efficiency. Insulation does require to be added or replaced in older homes, and some builders will use cheaper or poor quality insulation to reduce the cost of the home.
4. Damaged Flue & Other Chimney Problems: Most chimney’s will extend through the attic. Due to the elements, chimneys can develop cracks, or will deteriorate over time. Most chimneys will deteriorate on the roof or within the attic. During a home inspection it is quite common to discover that the chimney is damaged or deteriorating and is letting smoke or heat inside the attic.
5. Rodents, Wildlife & Other Pests in Attic: It is a common sight to find pests or evidence of pests living inside the attic. Squirrels, raccoons, and rodents will nest and live in attics spaces. They can cause a lot of damage to structural wood work, insulation, air ducts, wiring and any plumbing that may be running through the attic. Termites and carpenter ants are often drawn to the attic and they will begin feasting or nesting in the wooden materials which can weaken the roof and eventually lead to a collapsed roof.

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A home inspection can help determine the home’s honest condition. It is very common for buyers or sellers to have a home inspected to know the ins and out of the home and before a real estate transaction or for preventive maintenance purposes. If you require the services of a home inspector, contact JMark Inspections today.

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