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Why Get a Home Inspection when Buying a House in Pearland, TX? Negotiation of Report & More

When you are looking to buy a home and you are beginning to narrow down your choices it can be difficult to make that final decision. Buying a home is a major commitment and the biggest financial investment a person can make. So how do you know the home you want to buy is worth that investment? If you want to know the ins and outs of the home you would like to by then make sure to have a home inspector inspect the home. JMark Inspections will share why you should always have a home inspected before you sign on the dotted line so that you don’t regret your decision.

Home Inspectors Look Beyond Surface

A seller can inexpensively make a home look new, clean and worth more then it’s market value on the outside. A few fresh coats of paint and deep cleaning any home can entice buyers. But home inspectors are not looking or assessing a home by its beautiful exterior but rather what is on the inside. A home inspector checks plumbing, electrical systems, the home’s structure, and if the home is up to code. A home inspector also checks the home’s exterior including the roof as they look for signs of inner structural damage. If you want to know the honest condition of the home before you buy it, have the home inspected by a professional and licensed home inspector.

Home Inspection Can Save the Buyer Money

Home inspection prices vary on the quality of services and of course, the size of the home. Home inspectors do a lot of physical work when inspecting a home so they charge accordingly. However, most home inspectors are far cheaper than entering into a mortgage with a home needing rewiring or plumbing work done just weeks after moving in. Most homes, especially older homes, will need a few repairs done. This is normal and comes with age and use. However, major repairs like a roof replacement isn’t one you will want to add on top of a mortgage payment. If a home is found with certain problems that will cost the buyer far more than the asking price, you can also use this information to help negotiate your final offer. With an inspection report you can provide the seller with a needed repair list or offer to buy the home for a lower price since it will be on your dime to tend to the repairs.

Know What You’re Buying with a Home Inspection Report

With a professional inspection report on a home you are potentially buying, it provides you with knowledge of the home. Never walk into buying a home without knowing the ins and outs of the home and what the future maintenance will entail. A home inspection is extremely valuable. It provides you a detailed report on the home before you buy it. If you want to know you are making a wise investment make sure to have the home inspected before buying.

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