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Negotiating Home Inspection Issues in Pearland, TX; Electrical Wiring, Roof Materials & HVAC System Problems

When you need a home inspected either as a buyer, seller, or as a homeowner trying to maintain their home, it is to be expected that a few problems will creep up. When a problem occurs, it could be a minor to severe problem. It is important to address any issues that may be discovered by a home inspector. When inspecting a home it seems there are common issues that frequently need attention. JMark Inspections will share some of the most common issues found during a home inspection.

Electrical Wiring Inspection

During a home inspection, a home inspector will check the home electrical system for any issues. Often there are a number of electrical problems found during a home inspection. In older homes it is a common problem to have inadequate power supply for modern electrical needs. Large appliances frequently cause breakers to trip or fuses to blow. Another common problem found during home inspection that can occur in any home regardless of its age is the electrical wiring is exposed. Exposed wiring is very dangerous and is a major contributor to residential fires. Some other less common electrical flaws can be issues with the electrical panel or electrical system that is not up to code such as GFCI outlets are not installed in bathrooms, the kitchen or next to water features.

Roof Inspection

When maintaining a home, or you are trying to sell or buy a home, the roof cannot be seen in detail. This is where a home inspector plays a major role. A home inspection will climb onto a roof and go inside the attic to check the state of the roof and its materials. As the roof takes most of the abuse from the elements, it comes as no surprise that the roof develops a number of different problems. Often during a home inspection the inspector will locate roof leaks where the internal structure of the attic can be compromised. Wood rot or mold is frequently seen inside the attic or on the surface of the roof. Asphalt shingled roofs are also found with missing shingles. Tile roofs can also have missing tiles or tiles that are out of place. The roof can develop so many problems, especially when it is not properly maintained.

HVAC System Inspection

A home inspection can often reveal problems with the home heating and cooling system that one never knew was there. For far too long the HVAC system may have been running with poor performance, costing the homeowner hundreds if not thousands of dollar unnecessarily. Often during a home inspection, air ducts may be installed improperly or have leaks unknown by the home owner. The condensate drain is frequently found with clogs and leaks, causing water damage inside the home. It is important to have the HVAC properly maintained as it can affect the condition of the home as well as your wallet.

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With a home inspection you can discover a number of problems that may not be seen. Home inspections are essential for sellers, buyers or those who want to better maintain their home. For quality home and commercial inspections, contact JMark Inspections today.

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