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Negotiating Most Common Home Inspection Problems in Houston, TX; Reasonable Requests & Deal Breakers

Home inspections are ideal when you are trying to buy or sell a home. Additionally, they are also helpful to help with preventative maintenance or tackle a home improvement project that needs attention sooner than later. With that in mind, we at JMark Inspections would like to take the opportunity to list the most common issues found in homes.

Common Home Inspection Issues

1) Electrical Wiring Problems. As a part of the inspection, professionals will test the test outlets, light switches and interior fuse or breaker box. A common issue in outlets is reversed polarity, meaning the outlet wires are misplaced, as the hot and neutral wires are running to the wrong terminals. Though it is a simple fix, it is a common problem. Another electrical error is when two electrical feeds or circuits attached to a single breaker; this is not only common, but it is a safety hazard.
2) Plumbing Issues. Toilets and plumbing under the sink often leak. Broken seals, improper materials, and poor fittings are typically the culprits. Another common issue with older plumbing is rust corrosion.
3) Heating System Trouble. During the inspection, professionals remove the cover of the boiler and furnace. These heating systems are required to be professionally repaired and maintained to keep up wit performance and longevity. Too many neglect the professional maintenance, leaving the heating system a mess for the new owners. More often than not, they require repairs, maintenance, and sometimes even replacements.
4) Home Exterior Damage. An inspection often reveals fascia related issues. Missing or rotting pieces of the fascia boards lacking ventilation are a few examples.
5) Poor Fan Ventilation. Engineered to be circulated to the exterior of the house, the exhaust fan ventilation system, typically in the bathrooms, are actually being vented into the crawl space or attic. The moisture can easily cause mold if it hasn’t already, making this a major issue.
6) Unsafe Electric Entrance Cable. Due to over exposure to the sun and long periods of weather conditions, the electric entrance cable or service entry cable can become frayed and damaged. Passing to the circuit breaker, the house’s utility power connection point is run through the cable to the meter socket. The cable itself is an inadequate size for the breaker box and damage leads to electrical issues and safety concerns.
7) Dysfunctional Windows. The inspector will check each window and it is common to find they are inoperable. Issues with the mechanics are usually the result of age, poor installation and sloppy exterior painting can cause the windows to be sealed.
8) Fireplace and Chimneys in Disrepair. A major issue found during inspections is the chimney flashing from the wear caused by water intrusion. Cracked tiles around the chimney flu as well as missing mortar and chimney caps.
9) Poor Grading. Exposure to water and moisture causes a long list of problems for your crawlspace or basement. The number issue is the erosion on the exterior grading. Typically, this is done when rain isn’t diverted properly away from the home’s structure.
10) Old Water Heaters. In the last 10 years or so, codes have changed concerning the water heaters and few have made the necessary upgrades.

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A pre-inspection or sellers inspection gives valuable insight into the condition of the property and gives you the opportunity to correct any needed home repairs before putting the home on the market. A buyers inspection is a powerful negotiation tool that can help you achieve a lower purchase price. When you need a home inspection in the Greater Houston, TX area, call JMark Inspections for a comprehensive inspection.

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