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What Do Commercial Inspectors Look For in La Porte, TX? Access to Roof, HVAC System, Emergency Exits & More

When you need a commercial properly inspected you will need a commercially licensed inspector. Often people will assume a home inspector is the same as a commercial inspector when they are actually much more different than people may realize. When a commercial building is due for an inspection it is important to seek a commercial inspector. JMark Inspections would like to share what makes a commercial inspector so much different and why it is important to seek a licensed commercial inspector.

Examples of Commercial Buildings

When you hire a commercial inspector they are not just trained in one type of commercial setting but many. To specialize in a commercial setting an inspector must be trained in the codes and regulations of all the different types of commercial properties such as:
• Apartments, Condominiums, Hotels
• Retail Stores, Shopping, and Grocery Stores
• Office Buildings
• Warehouses, Factories
• Dealerships
• Restaurants
These are but a few of the different commercial properties and each will vary greatly. When comparing a commercial inspection to a residential inspection there is much less involved as houses are all held to the same codes and regulations and are much less diverse.

What is Included in a Commercial Inspection?

When inspecting a commercial building and or property, there is much more time involved than inspecting a home. A commercial building can be very large which means more time inspecting the building. For the property owner it is important to provide the inspector plenty of time to thoroughly inspect the building and property. Along with requiring more time inspecting a commercial property, there are also more risks involved. A commercial inspector often faces more challenges and more risks in accessing the areas of a commercial building than you would a home. Commercial buildings are larger and some are very high up. Part of every inspection requires access to the roof and the HVAC system to name a few. Windows must be inspected and checked as well as emergency exits, stairs and more. Often it may require a whole team of commercial inspectors depending on the scale of the inspection. A commercial inspector(s) will need to be trained not only in the codes and regulations of a commercial setting, but how to use safety equipment when accessing the more risky areas.

Commercial Inspection Reports

When inspecting a commercial building it is also important to be thorough and organized in your inspection. Pictures of problem areas must be properly documented and cataloged in the report. Other equipment is often used during a commercial inspection to help locate leaks within the walls. Often infrared is used to detect temperature changes in the walls and ceilings and many of these devices can save pictures which can be supplied and attached to the report.

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There is a lot more to a commercial inspection than a home inspection. It will require a trained and licensed commercial inspector to ensure a proper inspection. If you have a commercial property that needs to be inspected and need a fully license commercial inspector, JMark Inspections can help., We have licensed inspectors for both commercial and residential properties and insure a quality inspection service. Contact JMark Inspections today.

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