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Professional Home Maintenance Inspections for Decks in La Porte, TX; Deck Post Rotting in Ground & More

Many Texas homes have outdoor living spaces and many of these are decks. On their deck they may have an outdoor kitchen or barbecue area, as well as a dining or sitting area. As years go by decks can develop small but major problems that are not easily seen. A home that include a deck requires ongoing repairs and maintenance … if the damage can be detected. JMark Inspections will share how a professional eye can help you better maintain your home’s deck.

Deck Post Rotting in Ground

Decks often sit on posts that help elevate the deck from off the ground. These posts support all of the deck’s weight. When a home inspector is inspecting a deck the post is one of the first places they start. When an inspector checks the deck post they first look for signs of rot. When the posts are rotting they can be easily removed or chiseled off. Often when deck posts are rotted, they pose a major health risk and often require replacement.

Deck Railing Separating from Post

Another aspect that inspectors check is the deck’s railing. The deck’s railing is another essential safety feature. Therefore, a home inspector will first make sure that the railing is properly secured. If the railing appears to be loose, the inspector will look for missing or loose screw or nails. The inspector will take note of loose railings and what hardware may need attention.

Installation of Deck Ledger Flashing

One major structural element to a deck is the ledger flashing. The ledger flashing is the deck framing that is anchored to the house. The ledger flashing helps protect the deck from water damage. It comes as no surprise that during many inspections, inspectors note that the ledger flashing was never installed. When a home inspector finds missing flashing it is often a big sign there could be more problems and even a chance of the deck collapsing.

Wobbly Deck Boards

Next on the inspector’s list is to check the deck boards. If the deck boards are wobbly or unsteady they could either be damaged or need to be retightened. If the deck boards are compromised they are a major health hazard and will either need to be replaced or secured back in place. If the deck boards show signs of damages or weakness the inspector will note it and share their findings with the homeowner.

Structural Deck Damage

Lastly, the inspector will inspect the overall structural integrity of the deck. One of the many purposes of inspecting the deck is to look for any safety hazards. If there is any major structural damages the home inspector will show his findings to the homeowner to better help pinpoint the repair or maintenance needed for their home’s deck.

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The home’s deck is a major feature of the home. Many families will spend a lot of their time on the deck, especially during the spring season. As the deck undergoes a lot of use it is essential to properly maintain the deck. For the concerned homeowner who wants an in-depth inspection of their home to see to its needs, contact a professional home inspector. JMark Inspections offers commercial and residential inspections, including maintenance inspections. Contact JMark Inspection today.

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