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Purpose & Importance of a Home Inspection to Detect Problems when Buying a Fixer Upper in Humble, TX

There are a surprising number of home buyers that are looking for a “fixer upper”. When a home requires a lot of work, often these homes can be bought much cheaper than a brand new home. This can be an ideal situation for a first time buyer or for a younger buyer. To get a fixer upper means one can buy a home and fix up the home to suit themselves. However, for those who wouldn’t mind a fixer upper, it is important to know in detail what you will be getting yourself involved in. This is where a home inspector is invaluable. JMark Inspections will share why having a thorough home inspection is needed even when buying a fixer upper.

Purpose of a Home Inspection

When you know as the buyer you are looking at a fixer upper home, you may wonder what the point of getting the home inspected is? You already know the results, right? This isn’t always the case. In fact, in most cases the buyer is caught unaware of how much work the home actually needs. At times the buyer may be way over their budget in restoring the home. A professional home inspector will never hide anything they may discover during a home inspection. They can also reveal more problems that may not have been previously discovered. Following are some of the most profound issues that can be discovered during a home inspection that may be missed by both a buyer and seller.

Foundation Issues

One aspect of a home that goes unseen is the foundation. In many fixer uppers, the foundation is unknowingly compromised. A foundation may have shifted, cracked, or even be uneven throughout the home. Repairing a foundation can easily range between $6,000 to $12,000.

Problems with Doors & Windows

At times, door and window flaws can go unnoticed. Both doors and windows can have gaps where pests and outside air can leak inside. Windows may be broken or have corrosion around the frame. Replacing doors and windows can be a major expense and one that will need to be done rather quickly to prevent further decay of the home.

Mold in House

Mold is another major issue that may not be noticed at first. Often mold will be discovered in the crawl space, in the attic, or behind tile. Mold poses a major health risk and will need to be corrected before moving into the home. All the surfaces that are infected with mold will either need to be treated or removed and replaced. Even a simple thing like mold can lead to major renovation expense that the buyer must be prepared for when buying the home.

Plumbing & Electrical Issues

Both the plumbing and electrical system in the home must be up to code and in working order. However, in many fixer-upper cases, the home is rather old and has outdated electrical and plumbing systems that are not up to code and can pose a major hazard.

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When buying a fixer-upper, do not go into to the purchase blind. Make sure to seek a home inspection to know every detail of the home and what will need to be done to make the home strong and beautiful again. For quality home inspections, contact JMark Inspections today!

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