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Residential Building Code Violations in Mission Bend, TX; Home Inspection Finding No Deck Ledger Boards & More

When you decide to put your home up for sale, many homeowners will do a number of home improvement problems around their home. It is natural for a homeowner to want the full value of their home and to do that, they will look for areas around the home that will require repair or improvements. However, during certain home improvement projects, the homeowner may cause a number of code violations which can hurt the sale of the home versus improving the sale of the home. JMark Inspections will share some common code violations we have discovered during a home inspection.

Major Ductwork Repair

When a home’s ductwork is properly designed and needs to be repaired or replaced, what many homeowners don’t realize, is that they need a permit. Basic repairs such as resealing air ducts do not require a permit. However, major work such as duct work redesign and installation do require a permit and must be done by a licensed service. If your air duct system requires major rework, make sure to get a permit or you may be violating certain building codes.

Bathroom Ventilation Solutions

Another common code violation home inspectors frequently discover is the bathroom’s ventilation. When a bathroom’s exhaust vent leads to the inside of the attic, this is a major code violation. The bathroom exhaust vent should lead to the outside of the home. Due to the high humidity level that occur in a bathroom condensation can accumulate inside the attic space and lead to mold and wood rot. The exhaust vent should never expel inside the attic and is sadly a common issue in many homes.

Deck Ledger Board Code

Those homes with decks that attach to the house directly use a ledger board. Many people will build their own decks and will use improper ledger boards or worse, none at all. When it comes to designing a deck the ledger board is a major component which has a number of code requirements. If the ledger board is improperly designed or improperly attached to the house, it is a code violation. If the ledger board isn’t up to code the entire deck will need to be redone. When designing a deck make sure to research the laws to ensure you follow all codes and regulations.

Smoke Detector Placement

Smoke detectors are another major component to a home that often falls under a building code violation. The location of a smoke detector must meet proper codes and at times, they are not. A smoke detector must be 4 inches away from the wall and 4 to 12 inches away from the intersecting ceiling and or walls. As this is more of a modern code, smoke detector location violations are more common in older homes. To bring the smoke detectors up to code, they often need to be relocated.


When putting your home up for sale, do not wait until the potential buyer gets a home inspection only to discover your home isn’t up to code. Having a pre-listing home inspection can help make you aware of any building code violations and if there is any other major issues in the home. For seller, buyer or maintenance home inspection, contact JMark Inspections today.

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