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A Final Walkthrough Before Closing on a House Isn’t the Same as a Home Inspection in Channelview, TX!

There are so many aspects that go into purchasing a house that by the time you are getting ready to sign, you may feel exhausted. However, it is important that you muster up all the energy that you have and make the most of your final walkthrough that generally happens a day or two before you sign your closing papers on the house. JMark Inspections is here to share some tips to help make your final walkthrough a success.

Final Walkthrough Isn’t a Home Inspection

The final walkthrough happens after the inspection has taken place. This isn’t another inspection. It is simply a time that you can ensure the repairs that you agreed upon have been made, and the house looks like it should. You should also be checking for other surprise damages that could have happened in the last couple of weeks. You don’t want to find that one of the windows got broken out one way or another until after you have signed the closing papers.

Who Attends the Final Walk Through?

When it comes to the final walkthrough, usually the buyer and the buyer’s agent walk through the house without the seller or their agent present. This will allow the buyer to feel they have as much time as they need to look at whatever they want in the house to ensure it is what was agreed upon. If you are purchasing a brand new home, the contractor may be present to make sure you aren’t finding any defects in the house that need attention. If there have been significant repairs made following your inspection, you may want to ask the inspector to come reinspect that area to make sure the repairs were done right.

Take Your Time at the Final Walk-Through

You don’t want to speed through the final walkthrough. Purchasing a home is a big deal, and you want to make sure you aren’t getting a lemon. If you are buying a larger property, don’t be surprised when it takes you a good hour to get through the property. This is the last chance you will have before the property is yours, so don’t rush.

Buyers Should Report Any Problems at Final Walkthrough

Finding that there is an issue that was overlooked or simply not dealt with during your final walkthrough can be extremely frustrating. As irritated as you may be, it is important that you communicate any of your findings with the buyer’s agent. While this may delay your closing a couple of days, you don’t want to get stuck with repairs that can end up being costly. Many issues will probably be negotiated by offering more money and won’t affect the closing date.


If you are getting ready to buy a home, you want to know that the inspection is done right. At JMark Inspections, we will go through your future home with a fine-toothed comb to make sure there aren’t any issues that could end up being a problem for you. Call us today!

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