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Roof Damage & Other Common Problems Found During a Home Maintenance Inspection in Pearland, TX?

When you own a home, you will want to make sure that it is properly maintained. Ignoring even the smallest problem can turn into a major renovation. Not only can neglecting needed maintenance lead to expensive repairs, but you can even lose your homeowner’s insurance. Insurance companies can drop a policy if they notice signs of neglect. It is important to detect problems and address repairs before they become a major issue. However, not all homeowners will even know when a problem is present. This is where a homeowner can take the initiative and hire a home inspector. Home inspectors do not just inspect homes that are for sale, they can also inspect homes to help bring maintenance awareness to the homeowners. JMark Inspections will share how home inspections help homeowners better maintain their homes.

What is a Home Maintenance Inspection?

A maintenance home inspection is the same exact inspection a buyer or seller would receive. However, a maintenance home inspection has a different purpose. This inspection is to help enlighten a homeowner of their home’s condition and if there is any hidden problems. A home inspector can help bring to light any damage or repair needed, or if your home is not up to code. Building codes are forever changing to improve longevity of the home and safety of the household. A home inspector will provide the homeowner a detailed report along with videos or pictures of their findings. Equipped with this knowledge, you will know what need to be repaired, updated, or replaced. It is often recommended to seek a home maintenance inspection about every five years to ensure your home is properly maintained.

What are Common Problems Found During a Home Maintenance Inspection?

During a home inspection a home inspector will often discover problems that the homeowner may have missed or not noticed. Following are some of the common problems a home inspector will find during a home maintenance inspection.
• Grading and Foundation Problems: Most homeowner do not realize or notice when they have foundation or grading problem. The foundation may develop major cracks or the grading or the ground the foundation sits on is shifting. Often a home foundation is compromised when grading problems occur which can include the foundation sinking.
• Roof Damage and Leaks: From the outside of the home a roof may look completely healthy. It is not until a home inspector gets into the home’s attic or crawlspace that they discover leaks, wood rot, and or mold. Water may have flowed underneath the roof flashing or there was a loose roofing tile allowing water to get into the roof. It is important to have the roof inspected and repaired to prevent major roof damages.
• Plumbing Leaks: Another common problem that a home inspector often discovers is slow leaks in the walls. A slow leak will take a long time before a water stain appears. Many home inspectors will use an infrared camera to detect abnormal temperature changes in the wall. Cold spots often are due to leaks.

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To better maintain your home, the homeowner should consider scheduling a home maintenance inspection. For quality home inspections, contact JMark Inspections today.

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