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What is the Fastest Way to Sell a House in a Sellers Market in Pasadena, TX? Pre Listing Inspection & More

If anyone thought that a pandemic would slow down the housing market, boy, were they wrong. There are places across the country where the housing market is simply booming. Homes are selling so fast that there is now a housing shortage that people are more concerned about than the cost of housing plummeting. Even though this is a seller’s market we are dealing with, it can be tricky to sell your home at times. JMark Inspections is here to share some tips to help seller’s get their home on the market when you live in an accelerated market.

Why a Pre-Inspection is Important

We live in a world where buyers are getting into bidding wars over a home that is in a good neighborhood with a well thought out floor plan. When you have a pre-inspection done on your home, you have the ability to give them a digital copy of the report so that there are no questions as to the condition of your home. This can help you get the most money for your home as it will appeal to even more buyers. Sometimes, it is hard to have a post-offer home inspection completed when you are dealing with such a hot market. This will open the door for so many buyers to show interest in your home.

Pre-Inspections Help Limit Conditions from Buyers

It isn’t uncommon for buyers to put conditions on the offer that they give you for your home. When you have a full inspection report that you can hand them when they are first showing interest in the home, you will find that there are fewer conditions often placed on an offer that comes in from a potential buyer. This shows them transparency that many buyers will appreciate in a market like the one we are dealing with.

Is Home Staging Really Worth It?

Not only will having a pre-inspection help you sell your home and get the most you can for it, but you shouldn’t underestimate the power of professional staging as well. Having your home professionally staged can help a buyer envision themselves living in your home. When a buyer can do this, they are far more likely to put an offer in on your home. A professional stager would likely work with the furniture you already have in the home and add additional furniture or take out some furniture that is needed to give your home aesthetic appeal for a large number of buyers.

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Before you put your home on the market, turn to the experts at JMark Inspections to perform a pre-inspection on your property and help you sell your home as fast as possible. We will include a full, detailed report of any findings on the property so that you know what repairs should be made before putting your home on the market. This way, the buyers will know exactly what condition the home is in right away. Call us today!

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