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Should You Do a Home Inspection on a New Build in Houston, TX? What Do Inspectors Look For & More

One of the common mistakes many people make is that when buying a newly built home they will not have the home inspected. A home inspection is a service that thoroughly inspects the home to see if any major problems and flaws are detected. If so, the buyer or seller will know. The home owner or prospective buyer can take on the responsibility of correcting the problems or flaws discovered. If a major problem is detected, the buyer can either demand the owner repair the home and then pay the full price of the home or the buyer can have the price reduced if they choose to take on the repairs. The seller has the opportunity to correct any issues before listing on the market. But why would a newly built home have any major problems or flaws, right? It can be surprising to see how many problems are discovered, even in a newly built home. As a buyer you will want to have a newly built home inspected to ensure your investment is a good one. JMark Inspections would like to expound on why it is important to have even a newly built home inspected.

Code Violations & Poor Construction

When inspecting a home, the problems will differ from an older home and a newly built home. Older homes often will have mold, an outdated electrical and plumbing system, and have foundation or roof problems. A newly built home may not have the same problems that time can cause but they can still have problems. Most problems discovered in a newly built home will often involve poor craftsmanship or code violations.

What Do Home Inspectors Look for in a New Home Inspection?

It can be surprising to see how construction workers can and do make mistakes. Construction isn’t a simple trade, and builders will get better over time. For those new to the trade and those contractors who do not oversee their work, both will assume they know what they are doing. As a result, a number of errors can be made during the building of a home. This is why a newly built home not only should be inspected, but they should also be inspected twice. An inspection service should inspect the home while it is being built, so the inspector can see the internal system such as the plumbing, electrical, and framing of the home before the walls cover them up. The foundation should be inspected so as to make sure the underpad or ground is stable. Once the home is finished it should undergo another inspection before it is ever occupied.

Are Home Inspections Really Necessary?

Contractors will not usually have their site routinely inspected as they are under deadlines, and sometimes the inspections are skipped. As a buyer you will never know if the contractor has had the home inspected properly. As the first occupant, you will want to ensure the quality of the home you are about to purchase. Buying a home is a major investment, if there is a major flaw, you will want to have it repaired before you purchase the home. Once you own the home all repairs are on you. Do not fall victim to poor construction and a disregard of the residential codes and regulations. A home is a family’s refuge and should be made strong and safe.

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