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Tips for Agents to Make a Home Inspection Go Smooth in Magnolia, TX; Be Honest with Clients & More

The home inspection process is one of the most nerve-wrecking parts of the buying and selling process. Every home that is sold should go through the home inspection process. If there is any financing involved between the buyer and seller, the lender will always require a home inspection to make sure they are making a wise investment in financing the deal. During the home inspection process, there are several things that an agent can do to make their clients feel more at ease and prepared. JMark Inspections is here to talk about some tips that can help agents help their clients get ready for a home inspection.

Set Expectations for Home Inspection

While no one would want to think that there is a problem with the house they are listing for sale, as an agent, you should know that there are problems that seem to pop up at times. Things come up in almost every inspection and your clients should be prepared for that. As an agent, you can help them understand that if problems do arise, it doesn’t mean the deal is a bust.

Fix House Before Selling

If there are some concerns with the house, you can encourage your clients to stay ahead of the game and call on the appropriate professionals to give their input before the inspection comes through and address any other repairs needed after the home inspection. Transparency with potential buyers is always best. If you have a concern about the furnace being old, this is a good time to have it serviced and certified. If there are structural concerns, a structural engineer can come and inspect the property. If there are any electrical concerns, a certified electrician can perform repairs. Make sure you have documentation for all of these types of professional services.

Real Estate Agents Should Always Be Honest

There are several things you can do to the home to get it ready for the inspection. As an agent, you know how much a dirty or unkempt home can have a negative impact on not only prospective buyers, but the inspector as well. To prepare the home for inspection and to be put on the market you can encourage your clients to do the following:
– Clean the home
– Replace HVAC filters
– Clean out gutters
– Replace any lightbulbs that aren’t working
– Remove the pets during inspection and showings
– Make sure the inspector can have access to the entire home
– Check for any plumbing leaks
– Make sure the appliances all work and are turned on
– Test all the batteries in smoke and CO detectors

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As inspectors, JMark Inspections can attest to the importance of home inspections. Real estate agents can help their clients feel at ease with the inspection process and prepare them and the home for the inspectors and potential buyers. We provide top notch home inspections that can give buyers and sellers the confidence needed to move forward with the sale of a home. Call us today!

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