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Spring Home Inspection Maintenance Checklist in Deer Park, TX; Check Windows, Doors & More

As the weather naturally starts to warm up in April, spring emerges and often gives homeowners motivation to improve their home. We know the beginning of spring is officially here though we do not know quite yet what spring has in store for us. Enduring the cold and winter weather can take a beating on our homes. Though you might not realize they are there unless you look for potential issues, the winter wear and tear can cause all types of problems for your home. Today, we at JMark Inspections would like to share a spring home inspection checklist.

Check Windows & Doors for Leaks

Begin your home check around the windows and doors. All year long, cracks and leaks can cost you money. Your air conditioning bill will increase during the spring and summer as warm air invades your home. For your family’s safety, ensure the windows are sealed and secure. Perform a visual inspection for both interior and exterior and look for any obvious issues. Look for any caulking that has failed and for any gaps between your windows and siding.

Roof & Attic Inspection

Winters can really do a number on your roof, especially damage to the shingles. When inspecting your roof, one thing to keep in mind is that not every problem is obvious. When conducting a visual inspection looking for obvious problems, you should ensure you safe. Any missing or damaged shingles should be fairly visible, especially if you have binoculars. If it is safe, inspect the attic for signs of roof and water damage. There can be damage that may not be visible to the untrained eye. You should have a certified professional inspect your roof if you are unsure or if your personal safety is in doubt.

Inspect Gutters

You could end up with considerable damage to your home if you don’t keep an eye on gutters and downspouts, since the gutters is an area of your home that can often be ignored. Your wood trim and eaves can be damaged from clogs causing serious water damage. You should have your gutters cleaned. You can professionally have your gutters cleaned or do it yourself.
1) Use a sturdy ladder standoff stabilizer to keep the ladder from damaging the gutter.
2) Rubber gloves should be worn.
3) Remove debris with a small plastic scoop.
4) A tarp to dump the gunk should ideal.
5) After removing the debris, flush the gutter and assess for any signs of leaking.

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Check your HVAC systems, electrical systems and plumbing systems. Compare utility bills for the last three seasons and see if there are any unusual spikes. Ensure the systems are operating efficiently. Spring is the perfect time to schedule a home inspection where our home inspectors can perform a comprehensive home inspection service. Call JMark Inspections and let our certified experts perform a spring home inspection. We can catch areas where your home may need repairs or improvements, no matter if you are preparing your home for a sale or wanting to live in the home for years to come.

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