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What are the Most Common Home Inspection Problems in Conroe, TX? Yard Grading Issues & More

Discovering there is a major problem with the home after a home inspection can be helpful but there are many people that never want a bad inspection report. When selling or buying a home you never want to see major problems with the home that will reduce the value of the home or discourage a buyer. Where each home is different, JMark Inspection can share some of the common issues discovered during a home inspection. Hopefully with the basic guide, you can ensure your home is not under threat from these common problems, thereby ensuring a better inspection report.

Yard Grading Problems

When a home is going to be built, the soil or ground must meet proper grading standards. The grading will include slope and firmness and proper draining must be implemented. The grading is very important as the home’s foundation will be laid across it. The grading is constructed to ensure that water will run away from the home to prevent flooding of leaking inside the home. Over time the soil can shift and settle and even begin to erode. This can cause water to pool into the home and then lead to major water damage. This is a more common problem in flood zones. If a home’s grading is compromised, the owner can seek regrading and or install additional drainage systems.

Water Leak in House

Leaks can develop due to plumbing problems in the HVAC system, or on the roof. When leaks occur inside the home they will leave water stains along the walls, floors, and ceilings. Leaks will also cause mold and rot to occur in the home. Leaks may go unnoticed, depending on their location. Homeowners or sellers should always do a thorough visual inspection around all plumbing features including around the HVAC system and in the attic or crawl space. Often the areas out sight will have undetected leaks.

Bad Electrical Wiring

During a home inspection often there are two major types of wiring issues discovered. Depending on the age of the home, the wiring system is outdated and no longer up to code. Electrical codes continue to evolve as we discover better ways to safely use electricity. Older systems can be dangerous and be a major red flag for an inspector. Even though the electrical system works fine, outdated wiring systems are considered a hazard. Another common problem is discovered in the circuit line. In some situations a circuit line isn’t working. This can be due to a worn out breaker or the line has been damaged. When you wish to sell the home, look for signs of an outdated system, or inactive circuits. If needed, consider contacting an electrical service to help improve the home electrical systems.

Foundation Damage

As homes age the grading as well as the foundation will settle and shift over time. As a result the foundation can cause the home to leak or develop low slopes in the flooring. For homes with basements, leaks from the ground can be a major problem. Cracks in the foundation often point to problems. There are some solutions to ensure the integrity of the home. If you notice major sloping or low pooling sections in the home, seek out foundation repairs.

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There are a number of element to the home you may want in good condition before a home inspector picks your home apart. In other cases a home inspector can better locate the home’s flaws and point you in the right direction when maintaining a home. If you need quality home inspection services, contact JMark Inspections today.

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