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Tips for Selling Your House in Waller, TX; Prevent Water Leaks, Pre Listing Seller Home Inspection & More

It is very common for people to buy a home they know will only be short term. Knowing that their home will be back on the market shortly, once they no longer have the use for it, people will likely sell the home quickly. To keep the home in better condition and for reselling in mind, we at JMark Inspections would like to share the top tips and suggestions.

Seal Home, Clean Gutters, Fix Leaks etc to Control Moisture & Prevent Water Intrusion in House

When it comes to houses and other residential buildings, water is responsible for 99% of the issues. Being watertight is in your better interest. Ensuring the roof is properly sealed, the gutters and downspouts are free of debris and working efficiently and being sure the floors and windows are appropriately caulked and weather stripping is in place. Any home featuring a sump pump should make sure it is working properly. According to experts, fall may be the busy season to have the gutters cleaned, but they should also be professionally cleaned in spring and summer months to avoid pollen and pollution buildup. Leaks should be routinely checked for under kitchen and bathroom sinks along fixtures and appliances and if any, no matter how insignificant they seem, should be immediately repaired by a professional plumber. In addition to water sealing efforts, any exposed electrical wiring and that junction boxes need to be adequately sealed and watertight.

Follow a Preventive Home Maintenance Schedule

Schedule routine professional maintenance services. The HVAC system is the biggest item in your home to have routinely maintained by professionals. With routine documentation, there is little argument with buyers that the HVAC system is inadequate. Regular inspections, cleanings, and servicing keeps the HVAC system in better condition. Consider annual electrical and plumbing inspections as well.

Keeping a Clean & Tidy House

Do not neglect bathroom showers and wall tiles. When the grout and caulk show signs of wear, be sure to replace it as needed. Keeping your home clean and well sanitized, as well organized keeps your home in better condition and helps prevent pest infestation. The exterior should also be well-kept. Power wash the driveway, siding, perimeter walls, and other major surfaces to keep the curb appeal high and protect your investment. In addition to keeping excellent housekeeping, keep smoke and carbon monoxide detectors on every level of the home and equipped with fresh batteries. Every 5-7 years, be sure the exterior also gets a fresh coat of paint.

Pre Listing Home Inspection

Invest in pre-inspection prior to listing. Getting a pre-listing inspection is the best way to avoid disruptions from coming up when someone is interested in buying your house. Where most are looking to minimize the expense when selling the home, getting the pre-listing inspection is usually well-worth the investment. Maximizing the home’s function and presentation is ideal. Where issues can stem from the roof, mechanical systems or electrical system, having these problems rectified beforehand will eliminate obstacles and wait. Whether you prefer to fix them immediately or disclose the problems upfront and note the fair price alteration, you can skip a lot of haggling.

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