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New Construction Home Inspection in Magnolia, TX; What’s Covered, Common Problems of New Homes & More

There are quite a few people who get to experience building a home of their own on undeveloped land. When they get to customize the house of their choosing, there is often a lot of thought and detail. Most homeowners contract the work, and especially if they select a reputable company, presume the finished results will be efficient. However, once the construction is complete, you should invest in a home inspection service and we at JMark Inspections would like to elaborate.

What’s Covered in a Home Inspection?

The home’s structure, appliances, systems, and other important features evaluated by a neutral third party is the basics of a home inspection. Issues can be resolved by the responsible party after the evaluation and a detailed report of all the concerns are listed. These inspections also help you maintain safe and hazard-free property, help you decide on the overall investment and know the priorities of repairs, replacements, or upgrades you may need.

Most Common New Construction Home Inspection Problems

New homes often have underlying issues at work according to many inspectors, though most would presume a new home would be relatively error-free. Some common issues found during new construction home inspections include the list below according to the National Property Inspections.
1) Leaky windows
2) Foundation cracks, poor framing, and improper grading, and other structural defects.
3) Plumbing problems, like improper piping, leaks, and more
4) HVAC concerns, such as loose connections and malfunctioning thermostats
5) Faulty electrical systems such as open grounds, improper wired outlets, and missing switch plates
6) Drainage and grading problems that can lead to water and structural damage down the road
Insufficient insulation, missing pieces of hardware, or half-installed handrails or fixtures are other issues found during new home inspection. As the home is being constructed, the first inspection is called a foundation or “pre-pour” inspection that is done before the foundation is poured. The second inspection should be considered for the framing. The final inspection should be when the house is completed.

New Home Inspection Checklist

In each stage of their inspections, home inspectors ensure the local building codes are up to par, and other such nuances. Below are the general standard points inspectors look for during their inspection.

Pre-Pour Inspection
– Water lines
– Trenches and soil
– Plumbing and piping
– Elevation, grading, and drainage
– Drain, vent lines, and waste

Framing Inspection
– Stairwells
– Plumbing and wiring
– Nails, screws, studs, and plates
– Leaks, water intrusion and mold risks
– HVAC and ducting
– Fire blocking and draft stopping
– Bearings, beams, and other framing items

Final Inspection
– Exterior elements such as driveways, walkways, decks, patios, sheds, and garages
– Electrical conductors, meters, circuit breakers, and panelboards
– Doors and windows
– Attic, ventilation, and insulation
– Appliances, including ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, disposals, and sprinkler systems
– Roof, chimney, and gutters
– Plumbing, sinks, toilets, and sump pumps
– HVAC systems, including the thermostat
– Foundation, basements, and crawlspaces

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During and after you construct your new home, be sure to call JMark Inspections for inspections, at the very least, have our experts inspect your home at the conclusion of the construction!

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