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What is a Reinspection & is it Necessary for Buyer After Seller Repairs & Before Closing in Huntsville, TX

Is a re-inspection necessary before the final closing when buying a home? This is a common question asked by many buyers. The simple answer is, yes. However, it helps to understand the reasoning behind a re-inspection. For those who are told they will want to consider a re-inspection, JMark Inspections will share the purpose of a re-inspection and why they are important, especially to the buyer.

What is a Reinspection?

When buying a home, you will have the entire home inspected by a licensed home inspector that will then provide the buyer with a detailed report. If an inspector discovers a major problem with the home, it will be on the report. When the buyer reviews the inspector’s report they can then make a final decision whether to buy the home or not. Before buying a home with major problems, they can either request the seller or homeowner to correct the problems with the home or buy the home for less than the asking price. If you buy the home for less, the buyer will then take the responsibility of repairing or correcting the problem of the home themselves. However, if a buyer requests the seller or homeowner to fix the home before they close on the home, this is where you will need a re-inspection. A re-inspection occurs when the seller or homeowner has taken the time and expense to repair or correct the problem with the home. The home inspector will not do a full inspection of the home but just inspect the area which requires repair or correction.

Reasonable Requests After Home Inspection

If you find yourself in the situation where you will need a re-inspection, you will first need to take the report to the Real Estate Agent about the items of concern on the inspector’s report. The homeowner will need to be willing to fix the home. If they refuse and want to sell the home as is, as a buyer you can walk away from the home. If the seller agrees to the repairs you will need to give them the allotted time to fix the home. To ensure the repairs or corrections are done properly, you will then want to request a re-inspection. A re-inspection is much faster as the inspector will only check the areas of concern. They will ensure the job was done correctly and meet regulations and code standards. With a re-inspection, as the buyer you can be given the peace of mind the job was done right. The home inspector will write another report so the buyer can know the quality of the repairs. As a buyer if you are satisfied with the report you can close on the home.

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A re-inspection is beneficial when there is a problem discovered on the first inspection. To have the peace of mind that the seller repaired the home properly, you will want to have a re-inspection. With a re-inspection you can feel more confident in buying the home. If you need a quality home inspection, contact JMark Inspections today.

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