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What Should I Know Before Home Inspector Arrives in Conroe, TX? What Does a General Home Inspection Include & More

For those who are buying or selling a home for the first time, you may have a ton of questions when it comes to home inspections. Many people want to know how home inspections work, how they help you and what is included in a home inspection. JMark Inspections would like to share everything you need to know about home inspections to help you better understand this essential service.

What Does a General Home Inspection Include?

When buying, selling or even just maintaining a home, a home inspection can help. A home inspection is when a professional and licensed inspector comes to the home and looks for any flaws such as damages, code violations, and other problems. The purpose is not to show how bad a home is, but to bring to light potential problems that need attention. The buyer or homeowner can repair the home and update any code violation to ensure the home’s safety and integrity. Basic general home inspection often includes but is not limited to the following:
• Plumbing and Electrical Systems
• The HVAC System
• Doors, Window, and Ventilation
• Conditioning of the Structure
• Foundation, Roof and Insulation
This is a basic list of elements a home inspector will check. However, if the property has other structures, a pool or an irrigation system, the home inspector will also examine these elements of the property as well. When inspecting the different elements of the home, the inspector will make sure everything works and is up to current code and regulations. The inspector will look for physical damages, mold, pests and other similar problems.

What Does a Home Inspection Reveal in the Report?

Once the home inspector has finished their inspection, they will need a few days to put together their report. This report can include pictures, videos, or thermal imaging. The home inspector will provide the report to the client which may be the buyer, seller or a homeowner wishing to maintain their home. The result of the report will vary, depending on the nature of the client. A buyer should know the home they wish to buy. If any major problems are discovered the buyer can either ask for a reduced price of the home and take on the repair needs of the home themselves, or the buyer can ask the homeowner to tend to the problem before buying the home at the original price. A seller can also seek a home inspection before putting the home on the market. If there are any problems with the home, the seller can repair the home which will ensure a faster selling process and they in turn will get the full value of the home, and no surprises! For those who want to maintain their home, a home inspection report is a vital way to help know your home’s needs.

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