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What to Look for when Hiring a Home Inspector in Galveston, TX; Reviews, Can Buyer Be Present & More

Home inspection services are a valuable service to invest for quite a few reasons. They can help home buyers, home sellers, and homeowners that are wanting to prioritize their home improvement inspections are a few prime examples. When selecting a home inspector, you are likely overwhelmed. Below is a list of basic guidelines of how you can find the right home inspector.

1) Home Inspector Reviews

A company’s reputation is everything. With the countless websites available to post reviews as well as the BBB, you can find plenty of reviews from past customers. Where this research doesn’t take much time, you can usually get a feel for how a home inspector’s business operates. When you check with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), keep in mind that there are dozens unreported complaints for every complaint reported. Online reviews are usually straight forward; however, a few is to be expected from the occasional impossible-to-please client.

2) Hire a Residential Home Inspector

There are many property inspectors that specialize in commercial properties but will include the home inspections for the extra cash. There is a difference in properties and what the inspectors look for. With quite a few inspectors offering both commercial and residential inspections, just be sure they are qualified, experienced, and equally if not more, perform home inspections.

3) Ask How Long the Home Inspection Will Take

Asking the home inspector how long the inspection should be is a tricky question. This will tell you how thorough they will be. If they should ask why you want to know, just simply state you want to know how much time to budget for it. An average size home usually takes between 2-3 hours. If they say it would take under hour, consider the next candidate for the job.

4) Ask if Buyer Can Be Present for Home Inspection

This is not an unusual request, if the inspector refuses all together, they may have something to hide. On the other hand, some inspectors prefer solitude to focus on their inspection and get through it without distractions or obstacles, but even then, they will usually agree if their client wants to be present. Being present for the inspection gives you the opportunity to see any issues that may arise.

5) Cost of Home Inspection

You will find that most inspection companies are very professional when you get ready to hire a home inspector prior to buying a home. They will let you know the cost upfront. Some may offer to perform your home repairs, where in some instances this is permitted on their licensing, most are not. This is because it creates a conflict of interest. Generally, should they offer repair services, ensure it is lawful under the licensing and consider a second opinion before getting the repairs done.

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