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Attic & Crawl Space Problems in Waller, TX; Home Inspection Found Poor Insulation, Mold, Pests & More

When it comes to maintaining a home, most homeowners tend to do a good job in the areas that are easily seen. However, areas that are out of sight, are out of mind such as the crawlspace and attic. Because we as homeowners never see the crawlspace or attic, we might never know when a problem occurs. When doing a home inspection the inspector will often find a number of problems inside the attic and crawlspaces of many homes. To help bring more awareness to the maintenance needs of crawlspaces and attics, JMark Inspections will share some of the common problems discovered in attics and crawlspaces.

Damaged Rafters & Trusses

The attic has a number of different elements that require maintenance and that can develop problems if neglected. Starting with the trusses and rafters, they can become damaged or develop warping issues. When the rafters or trusses warp or develop problems which can include termites or carpenter ants infesting the wood, the entire roof is compromised. Rafters and trusses, during an inspection are often found to have pest damages, wood rot and warping.

Poor Attic Insulation

Another aspect of the attic is the insulation. The insulation is essential to help keep the inside of the home more stable. The insulation can degrade or even develop mold and hold in moisture. If the insulation is wet and mold sets in, it can contribute to wood rot and mold. It is important that the insulation is replaced when it is wet or mold has begun to develop.

Roof Leaks & Pests in Attic

Other common problem found inside the attic is mold from roof leaks, and pest activity. In Texas, there is a number of wildlife that will invade an attic space including mice, rat, squirrels, and raccoons. Pests in the attic is never a good thing to discover during a home inspection. Lastly, during an inspection of the attic, it can reveal past fire damage that may not have been properly repaired. Sometimes fire restoration or repairs are poorly done which means the attic and the roof is at major risk. It is surprising to learn how often poorly repaired fire damage has been discovered in attics.

Crawl Space Mold & Pest Infestations

When inspecting inside the crawlspace, inspectors will frequently run into pests. The crawlspace is the perfect home for spiders, cockroaches, termites, ants, rodents and even snakes. Some pests can cause damages to the home and leave the home an unhealthy and unsafe environment to live in. Homeowners must work hard to keep their crawlspaces free of pests. Another common problem discovered in crawlspaces is mold. Mold loves warm, damp and dark places. Does this sound like a crawlspace to you? Mold will often start in the crawlspaces of a home and the spores will spread infecting any surface it lands on. Mold can also lead to many health problems. The crawlspace should be checked occasionally for mold and if any is discovered, the mold must be quickly treated and the affected material replaced.

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Both the attic and crawlspace require special care and attention. To avoid problems in maintaining or selling a home do not forget to maintain these out of sight areas of the home. For buyer, seller or maintenance home inspections, contact JMark Inspections today!

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